Master Mind Audio & Video

Recording & Post Audio Production Services


Using industry standard Pro Tools and a hybrid mix of analog / digital workflows, we can ensure that your idea receives the very best sonic treatment for tracking, arranging and mixing through to final mastering. We specialize in offering unique, tailor made recording, mixing and post-production services to singer / songwriters, voice over artists, composers and filmmakers. Are you an artist without a band? Do you need someone to play bass on your hot new song or program drums tracks for you? We are committed to working with artists in a low key, friendly, price sensitive and professional environment. Bring us your raw idea or song and we can produce it with world class results.  

Our typical recording client will often arrive with just an acoustic guitar and vocal idea. From there, we can add drums, keyboards, strings, bass, electric instruments and turn virtually any idea into a fully flagged production. Perhaps you only need to track a short voice recording over a meditation sequence. Or maybe create a radio commercial or talking book? We have literally hundreds of hours of premier, royalty free music in virtually every genre, that can be used to ensure your project is created quickly and efficiently, minimizing time and costs.

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