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Recording & Post Audio Production Services


Your session will be tracked in Pro Tools 10 running on a powerhouse 3.4ghz i7 PC with 24GB RAM and multiple raid "0" SSD drive arrays, ensuring lightning fast disk i/o writes and zero glitches with ultra-low latency. Audio will be sampled at 96k / 24 bit files for superior sound quality and non-destructive editing. Playback and mix down route via multiple Echo fire-wire interfaces through 28 balanced audio channels into our large format analog Allen & Heath mixing console (with hundreds of virtual tracks available in Pro Tools). All audio interfaces and digital outboard devices are synchronized to an external master word clock, ensuring perfectly-timed and constant bit rates. This ensures high accuracy of digital samples, no sonic distortion and a higher audio quality. Mix and sub-mix buss and effect summing can be achieved both "In the Box" (Pro Tools) or via our British analog console.

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Depending on the complexities of your mix and desired results, we recommend using a hybrid of both technologies. Effects and dynamics can be routed either via balanced signals to analog outboard gear for that warm classic fat sound or the "In The Box" approach can be taken with full editing capabilities and automation. We prefer a technique known as multi-bus (Parallel compression) This involves using 3 to 4 dedicated stereo buss outputs from the analog console and setting up a dedicated outboard insert compressor for each buss. Instruments such as drums, guitars, vocals are sent to the compression busses via an auxiliary channel. The return signal is then blended with the original mix, the result is an upwards compression that retains the dynamics of the source audio signal peaks, but can be used to crush the parallel signal. Using different compression ratio settings for each buss enables each instrument group to be treated differently before hitting the master 2 track stereo buss and end chain mastering compressor, limiter and EQ. This ultimately translates to fat open sound that can sometimes be hard to achieve in the digital realm (In The Box). This form of compression has been used on major recordings and more recently made famous by mix engineer Michael Brauer with artists such as Cold Play, Muse, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith etc.

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There are a number of solutions for mastering your project. Generally speaking, audio sub-mixes will be routed from within Pro Tools via our analog console for stereo and final mix summing. The mix will feed from here into our outboard Waves BCL mastering compressor for compression and limiting.  At this stage, it is then converted back to digital audio and routed via an optical EQ to a second mastering PC running Sony Sound Forge and CD architect software for printing. The final stereo mix will be dithered to 44.1k / 16bit Stereo. (CD quality), or higher if required.

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Backups of each recording session are made to a Raid 1 mirrored NAS drive and will remain on file with us until your project has been completed. Session files can also be made available to the client if required (fees may apply).