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I have always had a passion for sound recording and have worked to some degree around audio production for almost 25 years. I landed my first paid studio job in 1991, working in a small but busy 16-track studio with a Tascam recorder and Trident 80b console. I worked as an assistant where I was lucky to be able to run my own sessions during studio downtime and late at night. The following year, I worked for a telecom company as an audio engineer running mainly voiceover and advertising sessions in their dedicated studio. Later, after moving to the U.S, I worked an 18-month internship at world renowned Blue Jay Recording Studios in Carlisle MA (48 track, SSL G-series and 2 x Studer A800 tape decks with Dolby SR). I was fortunate to learn a great deal and work with many well known artists such as Elis Paul, NRBQ and others. I sat in on some great sessions in between sweeping the floor, making coffee, running the patchbay and documenting mix settings!. Occasionally I got to run my own personal sessions there too, but with 6 of us interns, those were few and far between! I have also toured with major artists (in the distant past) as both guitar tech and musician. When I am not working, I enjoy riding motorcycles and hanging out with my dog Nanook.

image: Rich Perry

I originally established Master Mind Audio back in 1996. The business ran successfully for almost 10 years, providing CD mastering and short run, mail order duplication services nationwide to hundreds of artists, recording studios, labels and major corporations. However, after the slow demise of CD duplication markets to the rise of the MP3 and internet music delivery services, I closed down Master Mind, moved on to other ventures and began working full time in the IT field. I also developed a passion for video and as a side project for several years worked as a producer, camera operator and editor for a TV travel show called 'Two Wheels 2 Anywhere'. The show started from humble beginnings but gained traction quickly and several prominent networks preliminarily accepted the show for airing. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, funding issues and a multitude of other challenges, the show has not yet made it to broadcast. More info on the TV show can be found at:

I recently decided to use my experience of sound engineering and video to start this venture and so embarked to build a great sounding control room and mix environment into my home. My goal was to design a post-production facility where clients could relax and feel comfortable. With a dizzying choice of recording studio services now available all over New England, it seems everyone and their dog is running sessions (yes my dog too!). I wanted to offer more than just studio recording and focus on audio post / mix and mastering with location filming and video editing services. Without the overhead of a dedicated facility, I am now able to offer clients more competitive pricing and much more importantly for me, pick and choose when I work without being a slave to business running costs. Who amongst us does not want to go to work in slippers!

The creative side of producing music and video fused with the ever changing technical landscape required to achieve outstanding results is what keeps me passionate about this field. I aim to offer unique personal services and exceptional results without the clutter that can sometimes get in the way of the creative process. I believe there is always more to learn, someone in the room always knows more, expensive equipment is not everything and mixing great sounding music is a creative process that cannot be taught in a classroom. Anyway, go and listen to some recordings and mixes I have worked on and if you like what you hear, please drop an email to
You can check out sample recordings here:

Thank You! 
  - Rich Perry